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Looking for company formation expert in Dubai?

Meeting 5If you are new to the entire company formation process in Dubai, then it is suggested that you meet a professional adviser who can guide you through the entire process. We at Chambers Business Advisory have been helping people setup business all over emirates for almost a decade and we can help as well. Please contact us in this page and we will get in touch with you.


With that said, if you are just looking for information on how to setup a company, there are several ways to start a company in Dubai depending on your needs and requirements. Firstly, you will have to decide on what category of business you want to launch and which free zone or the city is the ideal for your business requirements. For instance, within every business license there is the category of trade license, commercial license, consulting license, industrial license etc. Once the category and area of your business is decided, you are required to submit the forms, personal information along with the name for initial approval from your relevant license issuing authority.


Once approved, the licensing fee has to be cleared in order to issue the certificate of incorporation. After this stage, you will have to open a corporate bank account and produce the required document of capital as required by your license issuing authority. For instance, many of the free zone companies in Dubai require a minimum capital of 50,000 AED. Once the bank document stating your capital is cleared, you’re good to go to issue visas from your company license for you and your employees. Issuing visas usually requires submitting the required documents and going through medical tests. Once the the new visa is issued, you will have to get the emirates ID card and for your employees, they will have to get the labor card issued.


The steps above are quite summarized and this may vary in the formation of some companies. However, our team at Chambers has specialized in the all these processes and can assist you with the entire process so you don’t have to go through hassle of knowing the details inside out. We will not only guide you through the process but pretty much make it hands off for you because most of the steps of the company formation does not require the business owner’s presence (almost 95% of the time). Only in few exceptions like medical tests, you will have to be physically present. Otherwise, you can pretty much hand over the entire process to us and only when we require necessary information, we will contact you for it which may be just a few minutes of your time.


If that sounds like a good plan, contact us at today and let’s setup a meeting to know what type of business you are interesting in launching in Dubai. Please get in touch with one of our experts today at Experts Hotline.